Female Fertility

Women’s  Fertility

You are born with all your eggs. They are kept in a kind of ‘deep storage’, until it is time for your body to use them. They then start a 3 month process of maturing, normally with one mature egg being released each month, at ovulation. This process is largely governed by your hormones. Many factors can affect your hormones. They include stress, diet, working too hard, and exercising too much.


Stress can have a negative impact on your fertility, and can be difficult to avoid. Acupuncture is very calming, and many people report being able to cope better afterwards. See our Stress page


It is important to eat well. Good food will provide the basic building blocks of healthy mature eggs, and will also have an affect on your hormone levels. We will discuss the best diet for you. Every woman is different and so requires different foods. If you have PCOS, you will do better with a low GI diet, or if you are anaemic you will need iron rich foods.

Our Style

Our acupuncture treatment will often involve points for helping you with stress, balancing your hormones and improving the circulation to your lower abdomen. We combine these with points specifically chosen according to your constitution, energy levels and health.

Ovulation and Cervical Mucous

Cervical mucous should change in quantity and consistency over your cycle. The most important stage for mucous are the 2 days leading up to ovulation. This is because your mucous at ovulation, called ‘Spinn mucous’ actually helps the sperm find your egg. At this time Spinn mucous should be plentiful and stretchy. In Chinese medicine the condition of your Spinn mucous gives a good indication of how and when you are ovulating.  If you have good Spinn mucous, this is the best time to have sex.


The link below is to a fact sheet form The British Acupuncture Council


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