Fertility and Stress:

Stress can cause fertility problems, and vice versa. Most experts believe that if you want to increase your chances of having a baby it is vital to deal with your stress levels. This is because stress hormones have an effect on fertility hormones.

Deb and Al have a special interest in treating stress and anxiety with acupuncture, and have years of experience in this area. Deb has a background in Psychology, and Al has worked as a Social Worker with people dealing with high levels of anxiety and stress. Alongside Traditional Chinese Medicine, we use 5 Element Acupuncture, which specifically focuses on a person’s  emotions. We also use auricular (ear) acupuncture which is very relaxing, and can affect hormone balance.

Common stressors:

If you are having fertility problems or treatment, there are some common situations you might be finding stressfull. They include:

  • Waiting to see if you are pregnant, or actually getting your period, especially if it is late .
  • Not being able to talk to, or face family and friends.
  • Stress on your relationship.
  • Sex becoming functional rather than pleasurable.
  • Deciding on treatment, which path to take, or whether to try again.
  • Juggling appointments with work.
  • Endless Waiting:  for appointments,  for results. Uncertainty.
  • The attitude of some medical staff.

Although we can’t take stress out of life, we have helped many couples feel stronger and cope with stress more easily. Acupuncture sessions are a good place to offload if you want to talk, and we always treat what you say as confidential.


Emotions can be compounded by hormone imbalances, especially if you are taking medication to alter your natural hormones. It is not unusual to experience a roller coaster ride of emotions, swinging between feelings of despair to elation.

Things that can help

Acupuncture- Most people leave acupuncture sessions feeling much more relaxed. Research on acupuncture and anxiety has shown acupuncture to be as effective as drugs, but without the side effects.

Relaxation: Many people find relaxation techniques usefull. These could include Tai Chi, Yoga, and relaxation tapes, or something simply putting your feet up with a good book.

Talking. Fertility problems can leave you feeling isolated, as if you are the only one going through this. There are bound to be others who have had similar experiences. Talking to your partner and people you trust can really help. It can feel like a weight off your shoulders if you discuss your feelings, so even if you can’t talk to friends and family, we are ready to listen.

Advice. We may be able to offer advice or different ways of looking at the for many couples it is important to take the pressure off sex, and to remember to enjoy it again!

photo By Scarleth White

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