Louise, 32, Solicitor

“I miscarried my first baby in December 2007. My husband and I were unable to concieve again. After a year my GP referred us to the hospital and we started undergoing tests for infertility. The hospital could not find much wrong with either of us and yet I continued to get my periods each month. Every time I got my period I felt I wanted to die. I began seeing Deb in early 2009. From the first session I felt calmer and more able to cope with the tests at the hospital. I also noticed improvements in my circulation and my feet felt warmer at night. Eventually in June 2009 I concieved our baby. I believe that acupuncture helped me immensely with the psycological pain of miscarriage and infertility, and reducing stress, and keeping my hope of having a baby alive. Thanks Deb and Al”.

Diana, 40, Communications Manager

I approached Al after starting a second round of IVF treatment. I’d read about the positive influence of acupuncture on fertility, and a friend had suggested I try it. I found the process really interesting – the treatment of the whole person not just the ailment – and found it very calming during the IVF treatment. I had a session on the day of embrio transfer and a week later which helped to reduce my anxiety about it working. On discovering that the treatment had been successful I continued with the acupuncture sessions having found them so useful. I’m now 14 weeks pregnant and enjoying my fortnightly acupuncture sessions. I’d recommend it without hesitation..

Mina, 31, Mortgage Underwriter

I had tried to conceive for 5 years. I had been through a total of 2 fresh IVF cycles and 2 frozen…  I started acupuncture with Al for a combination of Stress and Fertility. I did find him quite intriguing because during one session we talked of my present feelings and how these were related to past events and because they had left a mark. I almost felt unable to forgive and forget and move on… but it was amazing how well Al’s acupuncture methods actually helped me to do this. I felt the results quite quickly. He also helped to balance me as a person to try and get my FSH levels down…  It was only after a few sessions that wham bham I fell pregnant. I almost had an instinct beforehand that I would fall pregnant, as this was the first time that I felt my body was ready to conceive. It was a miracle, and I am very very thankful. I have continued to have acupuncture and am now in my 16th week of pregnancy. I really do recommend acupuncture. It helps you to balance, relax and clear blockages and lots more… its amazing!  There is hope at the end of the tunnel.

Katy, 34, Head of Communications

I came to see Al for around 6 months while I was trying to conceive. There was plenty of stress at the time (new city, busy job, selling and trying to buy a new house) and I found the fortnightly hour with Al extremely positive and very helpful. I found it to be a unique time where I was able to focus on myself and being able to offload the various stresses to Al at the start of each session before starting the treatment was great. I always left each session feeling energized, more relaxed and in a more positive frame of mind, and have no doubt that acupuncture was an important factoring my becoming pregnant. I have just seen Al for an induction treatment now that I am overdue, and again feel much better than before I went in. Fingers crossed! Thank you.

Lucy, 39, Stylist

I have been having acupuncture alongside fertility treatment. The benefits are huge. To begin with it kept me calm, reduced my anxiety and stress levels enormously and actually forced me to stop and focus on what was happening. I am very lucky I am 6 months pregnant now. I am still having regular acupuncture and I find it helps me feel balanced. The place I am in is amazing. I love every part of it and don’t want to rush through it. I can’t recommend acupuncture enough.

Caroline, 39, Clinical Psychologist

I really believe that the acupuncture I had with Al helped me to get pregnant. I am very grateful. He also helped me greatly through the struggle that the first few months of pregnancy can be – tiredness and sickness for me. Al has a very calm, reassuring approach. I would highly recommend him..

Carla, 37, Learning Mentor

Acupuncture ha been really great. My partner and I had been trying for a baby for 5 years. My friend recommended Al. The first thing he did was tell me I was doing all the right thingswhich helped me to feel really positive. I had fortnightly appointments and am now 13 weeks pregnant. I have been lucky to have minimal symptoms which I am sure is to do with the acupuncture treatment. Al gave me lots of lifestyle tips, and I was under no pressure to have more appointments..

Samantha, 35, NGO Worker

I found acupuncturereally helpful in a number of ways. Before starting I was anxious and frustrated that I had not become pregnant, but as soon as I started I felt calmer and felt that my body was functioning more effectively. I believe this really helped me concieve. I continued throughout the first trimester and found it made a difference to pregnancy symptoms and helped with anxiety about the pregnancy.Al has been really reassuring throughoutthe whole process and I always felt i was in good hands.

Jess, 33, Health Care Worker

After a difficult couple of years trying to get pregnant, my husband and I were advised to start IVF. It was an extremely challenging time and we wanted to give ourselves the best possible chance of success; the acupuncture was something we could do at a time when everything felt out of our control. I found the sessions really calming and relaxing and would definitely do them again in the same position. Thank you Al!